When I came to see Ali for Esoteric Healing for the first time I was very broken. I was lost and needed some guidance. I wasn't completely sure if seeing a "healer" would help my problem but at the time I was willing try anything. The day I walked into Ali's room was the day my life changed forever. Ali has completely changed the way I see things, the way I think and most importantly the way I love. I have never been more centred and content in my life - Ali has taught me the importance of self love and I have her to thank for me finding my soul mate. 


I have never experienced hands like Alison's - magic hands! They are delicate, tender and super supportive. This and Alison's touch provide a sacred healing space for you to deeply surrender to a place not often visited! Her openness in approach meets you in this space to feel more of you in a heart to heart experience. I fully recommend this healing nurturing body experience.

Rik Connors

IT Professional

Ali saved me when I was in a place of distress and uncertainty. After being in a traffic accident with my partner, I was finding it hard to let go and let my light shine through. I was questioning every decision I made and always felt stressed and uneasy. After my first Esoteric Healing session with Ali, I instantly felt reconnected to my surroundings and myself. Ali’s wisdom and passion for helping others is truly inspiring. Her love resonates as soon as you walk in the room.

I have never felt so comfortable talking to someone about personal issues and can’t recommend her highly enough! Ali is truly an amazing human being- she offers such professionalism and empathy, with no judgement you can talk to her about anything. Her healing techniques leave you feeling at peace with yourself and allows your overall physical and mental health to flourish. I have nothing but praise and gratitude for Ali, she helped me get back on my feet.  I will and have recommended her to everyone and anyone! If you are interested you should take comfort and know you are in good hands. Ali has changed my views on life and I can't thank her enough.


My Esoteric Massage sessions with Ali are quite simply amazing! Ali’s massage technique is really gentle, which helps me to quickly and deeply relax. Ali goes beyond just understanding my physical symptoms and looks at all aspects of my life to determine the true cause of my aches and pains – this is a rare skill that produces more permanent results. Ali is such a caring soul who emanates joy and her positive approach to life is infectious – she is such an angel. I always leave her sessions feeling so very inspired and with a big smile on my face.

Matt Nolan

Ali has an incredibly intuitive and angelic touch that has the ability to effect the entire body on a very deep level. Coming out of an Esoteric Massage I could feel that even though Ali had concentrated on only one area of my body, that it was in fact my whole body that had deeply benefited. However, for me, it was as much what Ali shared verbally as what she shared physically that benefitted me immeasurably. One single sentence of embodied wisdom was enough to change the course of my relationships. I thank you deeply Ali.

Alexis Stewart

Yoga Teacher

A friend suggested I go and see Ali after he started seeing her. I immediately felt safe and comfortable and like I was sitting with someone who understood me. That was almost a year ago and the change in my life has been immeasurable. Ali has guided me towards a higher level of self worth, analysis and love than I ever thought possible. If you're looking for something more, go and see her. Just don't take my weekly session time :)

Rachael Rigg

Working with Ali has been very interesting.  Ali has given me a different perspective and a different set of tools to apply in day to day life.  For me it was about stepping out of my head & over thinking, and into my intuition & gut instinct.  Ali's combination of powerful intuition (she is gifted), good humour, energy work and philosophy makes each session insightful and easy. I highly recommend booking in a few sessions with Ali and enjoying the journey.


​My life changed when I met Ali.  Not only is she one of the most upbeat, happy, shining rays of sunshine I have ever met- a joy to be around- she is also one of the most intuitive and skilled practitioners I have ever worked with.  She seems to know exactly what needs doing, exactly what's gone wrong and exactly how to go about restoring, repairing and renewing without my even telling her.  

My life has expanded unquestionably since I met her, and I am now on the path, the right and true path for me, in fulfilling some of my most precious dreams. Dreams which I thought would never see the light of day. Thank you Ali. I am indebted to you. 


Ali’s work has been a revelation to me - as a fairly typical 'alpha male' in a serious professional job, it has been traditional medicine and physio and just ‘smash through’ all the way until now. I went to my first session with Ali based on a recommendation from a martial arts teacher as treatment for a chronic shoulder problem and I will admit straight away that had I known in detail what Ali’s sessions claimed to be about, I may not have gone at all for that first consultation! But I was surprised when Ali quickly saw that I was looking for much more than just a fix for my shoulder injury (which she has helped anyway!).

I had been going through a very difficult life event and frankly was not doing that well but Ali was able to get me to understand where my body and mind was at and start the process of getting back to being me and just being kinder to myself physically and mentally. My sleep has improved which was also an issue and I find I am starting to reconnect with the calm, happy person I normally am.

I have been going to see Ali for about 6 weeks and I still laugh with her about how amazed I am that I ever even started her treatment but I just cannot dispute the positive changes it has triggered in me. I don’t feel awkward at all with Ali’s sessions, she is a lovely, relaxed, considerate and caring soul. I would strongly recommend Ali to anyone needing a bit of help going through a difficult time. 


After a serious back and neck injury three years ago I had been put on a very heavy pain medication just to get through each day. I was running my own construction company and had a family to support so I had no choice but to keep pushing on. Rest, unfortunately was not an option for me. I was therefore on this merry-go-round of pain and medication with no light at the end of the tunnel.

I was referred to Alison Coleman about 3 months ago and started seeing her on a weekly basis. In this short time with Alison's help I have been able to totally reclaim my life. I am no longer on any pain medication and the chronic pain I was suffering from has all but disappeared. Beyond dissolving my pain away Alison has also taught me the importance of reconnecting with my mind ,body and soul. My only regret with Alison is that I did not meet her sooner!

Daniel Fielding

I’ve been seeing Alison for esoteric healing for 6 months now, and it has been the most incredible experience. Alison’s personality is warm, caring and she is extremely intuitive in her treatment style – she identifies problem areas and connections between multiple physical, emotional and personality areas, and combines this with her knowledge and insights to heal and treat on a very deep and lasting level.

After experiencing a myriad of health issues and seeing lots of mainstream and natural health practitioners over a number of years, Alison is definitely the best I have seen. Her approach to treatments are truly exceptional.

Alison’s treatments have led to significant improvements in my energy and vitality, my relationships and work life, and I feel much more positive and confident about my health and quality of life. I haven’t felt this good for a very long time.

Daniella Dickson

When I first went to see Alison I wasn’t really sure what to expect from the session or why I was really there except I felt it was time to deal with “my emotional stuff”. Alison has an amazing ability to really listen and respond from a loving, non-judgmental place. In doing so, she’s created such a safe and warm environment for me to unfold some past issues, and deal with them from an empowered place.


Alison challenges you to delve a little deeper when required and does so in a gentle and loving manner. She’s a caring and intuitive healer and it’s quite amazing how much you can learn about yourself in a short period of time. Through our sessions Alison has helped me to reconnect with my inner self. It’s been a process of self-discovery and Alison has been very supportive during the healing process. There should to be more Alison Coleman’s in the world!


Ali has helped bring much positive change to my life. Ali is a loving soul who has a special ability to be able to guide you to truth and your higher purpose. I highly recommend seeing Ali especially if you are searching for inner peace and love.

Stephen Woodlands

I first began seeing Ali for regular sessions for chronic neck and shoulder pain which was the result of a workplace injury. Ali helped me to see that it was not only caused by the incident itself but more so the fact that I simply wasn't happy in my place of work.

As a tradie I found it quite tough at first to fully open up to someone and talk from the heart in regards to what my underlying issues were that were affecting my quality of life. After a few amazing sessions with Ali I found the pain began to ease and my way of living changed giving me the strength to make the changes that I needed to make in order to be more self loving and nurturing. Ali has the hands and heart of an Angel and it reflects as she gives her all in her sessions. I now see Ali on a weekly basis as support for my health and wellbeing.

Simon Crowe

Business Owner

Reading everyones reviews you can't help but smile and think of how true every single word is that everyone is writing.. Ali really is amazing, my life has changed drastically over the past year and I am a completely different person. Ali has a really kind and gentle approach to you and your 'problems' she doesn't try to force anything on you. Going and seeing Ali can be quite scary and confronting for you personally as you really have to hold yourself accountable and really open up, for yourself. However Ali's Office makes you feel SO at ease and comfortable, you honestly sit down and just feel calm and really trusting. Ali never judges you and makes you feel really calm and loved. I adore Ali and cannot recommend her more!!! If you're reading this, you need to go and see Ali :)

Amie Duignan

I've been seeing Ali now for close to a year and throughout that time have found her insights and guidance invaluable. The sessions I've had with her have been life changing and have helped to heal me from reoccurring illnesses other forms of treatment have had little effect on. The healing on both an emotional and physical level has been significant and continues to evolve. I cannot recommend Ali highly enough, her compassion and genuine concern for her clients is unique and goes above and beyond. 


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Alison has provided invaluable support to me throughout a very challenging time in my life. Her unique mix of excellent therapeutic skills and spiritual wisdom have enabled me to stay grounded and ride the waves with minimal damage. She has enabled me to re-discover my own kick arseness. Alison is a beautiful soul who has helped me see my 'life challenge' as an invitation for growth and healing rather than as a victim of life circumstances. I feel strong, supported and focused. I recommend her to anyone who wants to live their best life.

Sarah Buckley

Ali has helped changed the way I live my life in such a positive way in the past year. Learning to love yourself and accept the best parts about who you are is a priceless gift to give yourself. I would highly recommend seeing Ali for guidance, healing or often just the right ear to listen to the usual endless ramblings of your inner most thoughts.

Leigh Aramberri

A session with Ali is unlike anything I have ever experienced before or since. Ali has the most incredible intuition and wisdom which has allowed me to leave every session feeling so much free'er in my body and mind through a much deeper understanding with her guidance and support. Ali is loving, supportive, honest and transparent and my sessions with her have allowed me to move closer to my truth and liberated me from my old hurts that had been holding me back. Thank you Ali for being so open, patient, wise and grounded and helping me and so many I know to live happier and more fulfilled lives.

Katie Feder

Alison's esoteric massage is always a deeply restorative healing, which leaves me feeling completely nurtured.  Her intuitive ability to sense exactly what is needed is amazing. I always leave her treatment room feeling like a new man. 

Cameron Martin


What a joy to find a highly skilled professional who works with a depth of personal honesty and integrity and a genuine openness to her clients and their needs. With Alison, you feel enclosed in a cacoon of calm focus, genuine interest, a willingness to explore and engage and treatment sessions that result in tangible results. I have sent my daughter, taken my granddaughter and would recommend her without reservation to anyone wanting to heal. I am lucky to have found her.

Rosalie Fishman

Ali has completely changed my life and it's hard to find the words to describe how she has transformed my soul forever. The understanding I have about how important self love is has been put into practice and my entire mind set and energy has been re wired. What Ali teaches is something I wish the entire world would implement. After a year and a half of practice I'm now trying to pass on the knowledge she gave me in order to help other people become their true self. ​

Carissa Walford

I cannot speak highly enough about the understanding, healing and guidance Alison has offered me, and the generosity and perspicacity with which she has communicated it. Her insights into male subjectivity were a truly wonderful gift.

Tom Stranger

Ali has had a profound impact on the way I think and feel about myself and my past and the ease and piece of mind I have about my present and future. I will forever be grateful for the love Ali has shown me and for guiding me back to my own heart, back to myself and the true essence of who I am. I once described to Ali the moment when it felt like an anchor dropped from my head and locked on to my heart and in that moment the voices in my head were quiet and I felt a love for myself so incredibly strong.

I have learnt so much about how I have dealt with difficult and hurtful situations in my life and the part I have played in them. Taking responsibility for how I allow myself to feel and how I choose to perceive myself gives me the strength to trust that I have far more control over the outcomes in my life than I once thought and that I have no reason not to be a kind hearted, confident and beautiful woman and most importantly love the person I know I truly am.

Charlotte Weiss

Business Owner

I have regular esoteric massage with Alison and I find it such a good investment in my health.  As someone who works in the fitness industry I find it essential to be looking after my body.  In this regard treatments with Alison have made the world of difference to my health and my overall wellbeing.  I find it amazing that with such a light touch Alison is able to release muscle tension and remove symptoms of pain or discomfort.  

Moreover the treatments have also supported me to feel more at ease in my posture and in my everyday movements and I find this has made me less likely to feel stressful or anxious.  Alison is such a warm and open person to be around that a trip to her clinic is always something I look forward to, it feels great to have a massage therapist who is so absolutely committed to my overall wellbeing.  Alison has such an encouraging and supportive manner and is very insightful in her ability to see how my lifestyle affects my body.  I couldn't recommend highly enough a massage treatment with Alison.

Stephen Gammack

Fitness Trainer

I originally saw Ali about recurring intestinal candida, which was making it impossible for me to digest almost anything and effecting my mood, skin, energy and immune system. The journey that ensued with Ali was life changing. Ali helped me better understand myself and the belief systems I held onto that caused misalignment and disharmony in my life. After my sessions with Ali, I was not only free of candida (and able to digest food again - yay!) but also feeling empowered to make decisions that would serve me best on an ongoing basis and strengthen the relationships in my life. Physical health is important, but it is complete wellbeing that creates true harmony.


Alison has helped me a lot over the last nine months, in numerous, and often unexpected ways. She has helped me deal with much of the anxiety which I was experiencing in my everyday life. She has helped me not only find stillness in my life, but enabled me to appreciate that this was something that my body was craving. Alison has shown me that there is strength and power in the feminine, a concept that I would have previously would have scorned.

Alison heals with compassion and understanding. She has a warmth and open-ness that draws you in. I always look forward to my next session with Alison.

Fiona Poynter

My first session with Alison was so profound that it left me with no doubts about its potency. I had a massive emotional release. Much of the tension in my body, that had been pulling my hips out of alignment, left me. I walked out of the centre feeling all floppy on one side. Since then, I’ve had several more sessions.

Each time, I’ve felt further shifts that have taken the tension out of my neck & hips, and at the same time changed the way I relate to both people and the circumstances of my life. This has allowed me a wider range of responses, with much less self-limitation due to fear and self doubt.

I cannot thank Alison enough, not only for the wisdom she has unlocked in my body, but also for the warm and heartfelt support that she brings to every encounter.


I feel so blessed to have found Ali. She has made real changes to my body by tapping into my energy and belief system. By releasing stored emotions I didn't know I had, my body and internal system is flowing freely now and is naturally free of the blockages I was unaware of. I knew there was something wrong with my body but couldn't identify anything with western medicine.

Alison is a caring, professional practitioner who gets real results. I can't recommend her highly enough and how she has supported me through physical changes as well as deeply held emotional shifts that have brought me back to who I am, without the baggage that builds up over time. I feel better, am better and feel relieved to be free of the burdens I didn't know I was holding in my body- I suspect she's saved me from disease. I have seen Ali's commitment to my well being time and time again and the support and care she shows is immeasurable. Ali is amazing and I look forward to every appointment.


Alison Coleman is magic! I feel so good after each session, much more balanced and able to take on the day. I can feel my energy shifting in our sessions and feel very relaxed and comforted. The changes I've been able to make in my life since seeing Ali have been huge and I'm really grateful to have her support along the way.

Zoe Wightman

Having a healing session with Alison Coleman is one of the best moves I've ever made and made such a difference to the exhaustion and fatigue, nausea and sleeplessness during intense medical treatment - I felt somehow refuelled, revitalised and ready for life. The Esoteric energy healing sessions were very stilling and brought me back to a deeper feeling of inner steadiness and an infectious joyful zest for life that Alison Coleman holds and shares so beautifully. A massage from Alison is to be held by an angel with all my worldly woes and anxieties melting away. I cannot recommend this amazing Practitioner highly enough. Eight stars from me.

Kate Burns

Ali is a brilliant practitioner who has enabled me to rediscover myself as a person. Her knowledge and nurturing qualities allowed me to become true to myself and the people around me. Ali has allowed me to reconnect with myself which has been a wonderful experience. She was able to provide me with the necessary tools and guidance to self-love and deal with other worrying issues in all aspects of my life. Ali has inspired me to be the best version of myself and for that I am eternally grateful and appreciative.

Kayla Neale

I have been seeing Alison for healing and massage for over 4 years. She has such a beautiful nurturing way of being. I initially went to see her for anxiousness and this has now completely cleared. I now feel more confident and open and I am no longer carrying the nervous tension in my body. With her wisdom and insight I am learning to live in a more harmonious, vital and loving way, thank you so much Alison.

Michelle Crowe

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