A gentle hands-on healing therapy that supports people to reconnect with themselves and the stillness within.

Esoteric healing is a gentle hands-on healing therapy that supports you to re-connect with yourself and the stillness within, so that you can let go of held tension that doesn't belong to the natural rhythm and flow of the body.


Drawing on ancient healing techniques, the sessions work on clearing disharmonious energy from the different pathways, organs and tissues of the body to help you feel lighter, more vibrant and more you ~ without the build up of emotional tension that happens over time.

The touch is deeply nurturing and gentle, supporting you to drop into the calm within. From this place of stillness the body has the opportunity to regenerate and heal. 

How Esoteric Healing can support you

In complement to medical treatment clients may find that the energetic healing that Esoteric Healing can offer support with a wide range of physical and emotional issues in such as chronic stress and anxiety, grief, sadness, relationship issues and the more physical things like chronic fatigue, burn-out, sleeplessness and digestive issues.

What to expect in a session

The sessions begin with a open discussion about what you are wanting support with or to work on. This could be an emotional issue such as stress, anxiety and grief or be more physical in nature such as chronic fatigue or digestive issues. It may also be when you are contemplating a life change such as a new relationship or change of job.

From this discussion Alison gets a clearer idea of how she can support you on an energetic level with the hands-on energy healing which may happen in the first session or subsequent ones depending on how much time is available. 

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"After my first Esoteric Healing session with Alison, I instantly felt reconnected to my surroundings and myself. Alison’s wisdom and passion for helping others is truly inspiring. Her love resonates as soon as you walk in the room."


—  Megan