A deeply relaxing and healing form of energetic massage to clear tension from the body and restore harmonious flow.

Esoteric Massage is a gentle, non-imposing form of energetic massage that works on releasing deeply held, buried and ingrained disharmony from the body to help restore freedom of movement, correct posture and function.  

The treatments are deeply relaxing and healing and involve no deep tissue work, applied pressure or pain in any way. In complement with medical treatment Esoteric Massage may provide support for clients who have chronic pain and tension, exhaustion and fatigue, stress, anxiety and sleeplessness.

What to expect in a session

The session begins with a short discussion about what you are wanting support with or to work on. This could be an emotional issue such as stress, anxiety and grief or be more physical in nature such as chronic fatigue, back or neck pain.

From this discussion Alison gets a clearer idea of how she can support you on an energetic level with the Esoteric Massage. Depending on what is needed Alison works with the feet, legs, back, neck, arms, hands and face. She also offers abdominal massage to support the digestive system.

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"I have never experienced hands like Alison's - magic hands! They are delicate, tender and super supportive. This and Alison's touch provide a sacred healing space for you to deeply surrender to a place not often visited! Her openness in approach meets you in this space to feel more of you in a heart to heart experience. I fully recommend this healing nurturing body experience."


—  Rik Connors, IT Professional