A gentle massage technique to clear long held tension from the face to allow the natural glow to shine through.

Energetic facial massage is a gentle hands-on healing technique that works on clearing long held emotions and tension from the face to allow the natural glow to shine through.

​Working with light massage strokes and an Esoteric cream, this beautiful technique is a powerful way of supporting people to let go of held emotional tension such as negative thoughts, frustration, anxiety and sadness that express through the face.

This unique form of energy massage is deeply nurturing and healing, not only for the face, but for the whole body and in complement to medical treatment can be a great support for anyone suffering from tired puffy eyes, headaches, tightness or clenching of the jaw.

​The energetic facial massage can be booked as a stand-alone treatment or as part of an Esoteric Healing session.

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"My Esoteric Massage sessions with Alison are quite simply amazing! Alison’s massage technique is really gentle, which helps me to quickly and deeply relax. Alison goes beyond just understanding my physical symptoms and looks at all aspects of my life to determine the true cause of my aches and pains – this is a rare skill that produces more permanent results."


—  Matthew Nolan