Supporting men to connect back to their innate tenderness within.

Working with men of all ages and backgrounds, Alison has come to appreciate just how equally tender and vulnerable they are as women. The perceived difference comes from how they've dealt with the intense societal pressures placed on them to 'toughen up' and 'soldier on' regardless of the cost to their health and wellbeing.


This lack of self-nurturing and care is reflected in the steady rise of men's health issues such as prostate cancer and heart disease which show a hardening of their tender nature to protect themselves from the judgement of the outside world.


Finding it difficult to express, men will often retreat and hold back the truth of how they're feeling, causing them to feel mis-understood in their relationships and creating an isolation that often leads to depression and in some cases suicide.


Understanding these pressures and working with an genuine openness and care, Alison supports men to develop their expression in relationships and learn how to properly self-nurture and care so that they can live in a way that is truly honouring of their tender nature.

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"I cannot speak highly enough about the understanding, healing and guidance Alison has offered me, and the generosity and perspicacity with which she has communicated it. Her insights into male subjectivity were a truly wonderful gift."


—  Tom Stranger