A deeply rejuvenating form of healing using fine needles to reconfigure the body back to its natural harmonious state.

Esoteric Chakra-puncture is a deeply rejuvenating form of healing whereby needles, applied very lightly and in specific patterns, can help the body re-configure back to its natural state of harmony and spaciousness. It is a modality based on the Science of the Nadis which are the energetic cells of life in our body - the fiery light within. 

The configuration of needles, which activate the Nadis, support people surrendering to a state of deep stillness and emanation in the energetic being, where they can let go of old emotions, tensions and hurts that stand in the way of true vitality. This shedding of the 'what is not' offers people the opportunity to connect with their natural inner essence, un-imposed by what  can be absorbed from the outside world.

How can Esoteric Chakra-puncture support you?

In complement to medical treatment Chakra-puncture can support with a wide range of physical or emotional issues such as exhaustion, chronic pain, digestive issues, anxiety, sleeplessness and or as part of an ongoing well-being program.  

What to expect in a session

The session begins with a short discussion about what you are wanting support with or to work on. This could be an emotional issue such as stress, anxiety and sleeplessness or be more physical in nature such as chronic fatigue, back or neck pain.

From this discussion Alison gets a clearer idea of how she can support you on an energetic level with the Esoteric Chakra-puncture. She then applies a configuration of fine needles to support the body in its healing process and allows a minimum of half an hour for you to drop into a deep settlement and often sleep.

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"What a joy to find a highly skilled professional who works with a depth of personal honesty and integrity and a genuine openness to her clients and their needs. With Alison, you feel enclosed in a cacoon of calm focus, genuine interest, a willingness to explore and engage and treatment sessions that result in tangible results. I have sent my daughter, taken my granddaughter and would recommend her without reservation to anyone wanting to heal. I am lucky to have found her."


—  Rosalie Fishman