Meditation is a powerful technique to help you connect more deeply with your body and the stillness within.

Meditation is an amazing tool to help you build connection with your body and the stillness within. If you are interested in learning, there's a vast array of styles out there, many of which follow complicated breathing practices and visualisations, but in it's true form meditation is just the simple, yet powerful practice of feeling your gentle breath. 


It really is that easy but we so rarely if ever breathe our true breath. With the hectic pace and pressures of everyday life we tend to restrict the flow; breathing shallowly, quickly or with tension. This affects our whole being, hardening our hearts and our bodies.


The true quality of our being is naturally very gentle and loving, so by breathing gently we can return to this loveliness and gradually learn how to hold this through our day no matter who we're with or what we're doing.


As a support tool I have included links to two different meditations I would highly recommend - one breath based and one body awareness based. These can be downloaded for free by following the links.

The Gentle Breath Meditation - By Serge Benhayon

Body Awareness Meditation - By Donna Gianniotis

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