Guidance and support to help you develop self-awareness so that you can live in a way that is truly self-loving.

Alison brings a depth of wisdom and understanding to the work she does in supporting men, women and children of all ages through different life challenges and emotional trauma such as chronic stress and anxiety, panic attacks, bullying, grief and sadness, depression, lack of self-worth and relationship issues.

With an ability to hold a loving space where people feel comfortable to freely express, Alison helps people navigate through their thoughts and feelings to the deeper hurts they carry. These hurts from the past such as the feeling of not being good enough, unrecognised or unheard taint our perceptions and experiences of life.

By supporting her clients to deepen their awareness of how they react to others based on the past hurts they carry, Alison's sessions empower people to take ownership of their healing journey. Her sessions instil one key message - that we all need to take responsibility for how we feel about ourselves.


With a very confirming approach to healing, Alison guides people through a process of connecting to their innate qualities within so that they can truly value what they're here to bring and back themselves in life. It is her view that only with self-love and acceptance can we learn to truly love others.

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"Alison has had a profound impact on the way I think and feel about myself, how I think and feel about my past and the ease and piece of mind I have about my present and my future. I will forever be grateful for the love Alison has shown me and for guiding me back to my own heart, back to myself and the true essence of who I am."


—  Charlotte Weiss, Business Owner