Specialised treatment and support for women suffering from a wide range of physical and emotional issues.

Women's health issues are increasingly becoming commonplace, with conditions like ovarian cysts, endometriosis, irregular menstruation, infertility, thrush and urinary tract infections on the steady rise.

These conditions tell us a lot about where women are at in their level of self-nurturing and care. Love is the one thing many are saying that they crave to receive from their relationships yet so many  women neglect to offer it to themselves, often putting everyone else's needs before their own.

Without proper self-nurturing our bodies become depleted and we loose our connection to sacredness, the energetic quality of the feminine. Without this connection our bodies fall out of harmony with the natural cycles like menstruation and we loose our vibrancy and power as women, making us prone to anxiety and overwhelm.

Specialised treatment and care for women

Following a combination of gentle hands-on healing with emotional guidance and support, Alison's work is centred around helping women to connect back with their sacredness and develop a rhythm of living that is truly self-nurturing. 


Having suffered from chronic candida and acute pelvic pain, Alison has a special interest in supporting women to heal from difficult conditions such as infertility, irregular menstruation, pregnancy and birth difficulties, chronic thrush, vulvodynia, pelvic pain, bladder weakness and urinary tract infections.

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"After my sessions with Alison, I was not only free of candida (and able to digest food again - yay!) but also feeling empowered to make decisions that would serve me best on an ongoing basis and strengthen the relationships in my life."


—  Leonie