Referred to by many of her clients as a ‘wise old soul’, Alison brings a depth of understanding and insight to her work as an energy healer and counsellor with the Esoteric Healing Therapies.


Working with men and women of all ages and backgrounds in her one-one-one sessions, Alison gets to share her passion for people and the process of evolution, which is all about making choices to express more of who we truly are in the world.

With a light-hearted approach to her work, Alison helps people to deconstruct the different thoughts, attitudes and beliefs getting in the way from them connecting with these qualities and enjoying the innate lightness and love that they are.


Alison's attitude to life is that it is here to be enjoyed, not endured which is why her sessions are centred around developing self-love, care and appreciation as our first responsibilities.


With the perspective that everything that happens in our lives is the result of how we feel internally, Alison’s sessions empower people to take ownership of their choices and the energy that they bring to everything they do. 

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Universal Medicine Clinic

15 Blue Hills Avenue

Goonellabah, 2480

T: (02) 6624 3706

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"When we truly commit to healing everyone around us receives the healing too regardless of whether they're in physical proximity or not, we are always connected by the energetic web of the universe. Each time we chose to let go of an old hurt and open our hearts up we make more space for love, which is felt and enjoyed by everyone."

Alison Coleman

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"The day I walked into Alison's room was the day my life changed forever. Alison has completely changed the way I see things, the way I think and most importantly the way I love. I have never been more centred and content in my life - Ali has taught me the importance of self love and I have her to thank for me finding my soul mate." 


—  Carly

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